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Sample QuickBooks Reports

QuickBooks Pro can provide you with hundreds of reports to help you run your business. I selected three reports just to give you an example of what kind of reports you can get from QuickBooks. These three reports are what I consider to be the core job reports that you would expect to review weekly on all your active projects. In the QuickBooks Template Manual detail the exact procedures to create these and many other reports step-by-step so you will be able to replicate the reports on your own.

Job Profit & Loss Report

This is your standard Job Profit & Loss Report.  During the construction process this report serves as a cash flow report.

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Job Cost Variance Report

To many Builders, this is quite possibly the most important report they could want to review.  The Job Cost Variance Report compares the budgeted income and costs for the project to the actual income income and cost, and also indicates the percentage and dollar amounts over or under the budget.  Please note that this report also includes income, which makes it especially valuable during the construction process because it allows the Builder to quickly assess what percentage of the contract price he or she has already drawn down and thus the remaining cash left in the project.

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Job Cost by LMSR

This is the sale construction cost detailed in the Job Profit and Loss Report except that the cost have been spread horizontally in separate columns for Labor Materials Subcontract and Rental.  This is a much more compact method of keeping the construction costs by both cost description and procurement method.

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