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Software Registration

Welcome to PowerTools Software's On-Line Registration.  Simply fill out the form below. Use the drop down menu to select your PowerTools product and enter your Key Code.  When all fields are completed select "Send Registration".  Your software registration will be recorded into the PowerTools customer database.

Please Note

This form is for registering software that was purchased through our 3rd party vendors  If you purchased your software directly from PowerTools Software, either by mail, fax or through this website, your Software License was automatically registered when your order was processed.

Thank you for taking a moment to register.

Software Registration Form  
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After you press SEND REGISTRATION, the computer will pause as it processes the information.  Please do not hit the submit button twice as it is normal for the computer to pause for a few seconds while it processes the information.  It will then show you a confirmation of your registration in a few moments.

The confirmation page will display your registration confirmation number. Please use the Print button on your browser to print the page for your records.


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