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ContractWriter Executive Summary

What is ContractWriter?

ContractWriter is a fully automated Excel program that writes construction contracts. It is designed to quickly create customized contract documents specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of each individual project.

How does ContractWriter work?

It's a simple process of selecting the paragraphs you want to include in your contract from a checklist of choices. The selections, which are already written for you, includes basic information, terms and conditions, draw schedules, allowance schedules, etc. After you have made your selections, one click of the mouse button creates a contract for you to view, edit, print and save.

ContractWriter is ready to go!

To get you started, we have already created ten template contracts that you can use right out of the box. Additionally, the program allows you to custom configure additional blank contracts that you can save and reuse at any time.

ContractWriter is unique.

It is the only contract writing program on the market written exclusively for Construction Contractors. Additionally, It contains numerous paragraphs that address the unique contractual conditions of remodeling such as pre-existing conditions, hazardous materials, property insurance, materials selections by Owner, and too many more to mention, plus others related only to new home construction such as closing costs, sales commissions, financing, and others.

ContractWriter is Easy to Use.

Just fill in the usual information (customer and project info, contract price, etc.), indicate on the checklist which of the pre-written sections you want included in the contract, and select "Create Contract" from the pull down menu. Your contract will be created and displayed for you to view, edit if needed, and print. With this process, the "checklist" and the actual contract are on separate "pages" in the program. Change the checklist, and the contract is changed accordingly.

ContractWriter is FAST!

Because the components are already written, the typical six to ten page contract takes less than 15 minutes to create. To speed you along, it provides you with four pre-configured contracts that you can select and use at any time, and you can save your own customized configurations for repeated use.

ContractWriter looks Great!

When you create a contract, each section and paragraph is properly numbered and lettered, with no "gaps", missing pieces, or sections that don't apply to the project. Every page is titled with the project name and page number and provides a space for each party's initials. It just looks sharp!

ContractWriter is flexible

Want to change the wording of a specific section? Go right ahead. Need a new section to address a unique requirement of a particular project? Just select "Add new section". Need to revise a contract? This is the best part, just select or de-select the clauses or sections you want, generate a new contract, and print.

ContractWriter gives you Full Control

ContractWriter gives you full control. For example, you may prefer to present a contract with no mention of a completion date. My strategy is: If they don't ask, why include it? So you create a contract that looks complete without a time of completion. In the event your customer requests a completion date, you can add an entire section on "Time of Completion" with one mouse click, including 10 clauses spelling out all the conditions you need to control and limit this potential monster. In less than 60 seconds, you have a new contract.

ContractWriter is complete.

Need to include a Right-of-Recession form with your contract? Of course you do, which is why we put it in the program, and you can set the program to print this document individually or along with every contract.

ContractWriter is easy to customize.

Want to use a Cover Sheet on the contract? We have two to pick from, including one that works with your letterhead. Want the Draw Schedule or Allowance Schedule removed from the main contract and printed as separate addendum? No problem. Want to have a separate warranty document? Just one mouse click is all it takes to remove the warranty from the main body of the contract to a separate Warranty Addendum.

ContractWriter is easy to learn.

Because it's written to do only one task very well, it's not cluttered with extraneous functions and complicated command menus. A few minutes exploring the menu structure is all it takes to figure it out. Just read the printed version of the checklist to familiarize yourself with available contract provisions, and you're ready to go. You'll have your first contract written in less than an hour, and you'll soon develop the ability to create complete contracts in a matter of minutes.

ContractWriter was written for BUSY Builders.

It has the menu commands to automate the tasks you will need to do all the time, like "Save to Drive C", "Preview Contract" and "Print Contract Twice". Document printing is superb, just select the documents you want to include in the contract (cover sheet, contract, Right of Rescission, etc.), and then select "Print Group" once to print the entire batch.

ContractWriter is valuable!

Not only will you be able to produce more proposals and win more bids, you will experience fewer headaches with your projects because of your well written contracts. ContractWriter will pay for itself with the first project.

Other Important Features

ContractWriter is packed with numerous features designed to make the program as efficient to use as possible.  Many of these features were the result of suggestions from our current users.

  • ContractWriter is fully automated and completely menu controlled, with all the commands you need to perform every task like Insert New Clause and Save to Hard Disc.

  • ContractWriter is completely customizable and allows you to edit our existing clauses, or add your own unique contract clauses, including adding entire new contract sections, as easily as typing them in or using your mouse.

  • 10 Template Contracts, including Fixed-Price, Cost-Plus, Design/Build, New Home on Owner's Lot, and others already setup for you to select and begin using right away. Of course, you'll probably want to customize our basic contracts with your own additional clauses, but these are a great start.

  • More than 450 Contract Clauses , already included in the program, selected from hundreds of builders contracts from across the entire country. We researched and identified the best-worded clauses on every subject that we could find, and you'll benefit immediately from our hard work.

  • Automated Draw Schedule that divides up your Contract Price into draw amounts from the percentages you entered.  Letting the program do the math allows you to focus on the draw descriptions and percentages.  Of course, you can override the percentages and simply enter the dollar amounts if you wish.

  • Contract Configuration Settings that allow you to select if you want your Draw Schedule, Allowance Schedule and/or the Warranty incorporated into the main contract or if you would prefer to have one or more of these documents created as separate documents.

  • A GoTo feature that allows you to jump to any section of the Checklist by selecting it from a pull-down window.  Great for editing!

  • The Customer Type feature allows you to change the reference to your customer throughout the entire contract.  Your choices are Owner, Buyer, Customer, Lease Holder, Property Manager or Client.  This allows you to tailor your contract wording to suit the nature of your relationship with the customer.

  • A Memorize Template feature allows you to name and save a checklist configuration.  This allows you to configure your own standard contracts and recall them at any time.  This is a great time saver when writing the same or similar contracts.

  • A Multiple Documents feature that allows you to select a group of documents to preview and print together with one command.  This makes easy work of printing multi-page contracts.

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