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Technical Support Request

Technical Support is designed to help you with problems or issues related to operating your computer hardware or software.  Some examples of Technical Support issues include:

Using QuickBooks Pro Problems with computer equipment
Using your Computer Problems with computer networks
Using Microsoft Windows Installing the Programs
Using Windows Explorer Finding, Moving or Renaming Files
Using Microsoft Excel Explaining how to use a program
Using Internet Explorer Walking you through a procedure
Downloading Internet Files Discussing a program's business application

Free Technical Support provided through our documentation, the FAQ pages, this website and by email.

Paid Technical Support is provided through telephone consultations and training at a charge of $1.00 per minute.  Please read our Technical Support Policy for further details.

If you have a Technical Support question described above, or if you have a problem or issue that you are not sure how to address, then please use this form to contact us.  We will endeavor to respond back to your inquiry as quickly as possible, usually by the next working day.

Technical Support Request Form  
Your Name:
Phone:    Alternate Phone:  (optional)
Confirm E-mail:
 Program Description
Program Title:  Key Code: 
Is Program Registered? Yes
Not Sure
Technical Support service is reserved for registered users. If you
have not yet registered your software, please take a moment to complete the on-line Registration Form before submitting this Technical Support Request. Thank You.

 General Description of Problem
Please check
all that apply.
Problem with installation.
Program not working.
Need help finding files.
Need help getting started.
Need help using program.
Need help understanding program strategy.
Have general questions.
It's complicated, please call ASAP!
 Additional Information
Please describe
your problem.


After you press SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST, the computer will pause as it processes the information.  Please do not hit the submit button twice as it is normal for the computer to pause for a few seconds while it processes your request.  It will then show you a confirmation of your request in a few moments.

You will receive an email or telephone response within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excluded).


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